Year: 2022

facts about kliwis

there are five species of kiwis.

kiwis almost have more in common with a mamal than a bird

kiwis chicks hatch fully featherd amd mor inderpendent

only 5%  kiwis hactch in the forest and survive

the little  spotted kiwi went from just  5 individuals  to around 1.200


botanical gardens




on wensday I went to botanical gardens.

the first session i did was learning about the flower prarts it was boring because the floor is hard and my legs hurt while I folded my legs,

it was kinda fun when we had a magnifing glass and trying to find the polination.

after we were done and went outside we had clay and seeds and soil what we had to do with them was make a little ball it was very fun and after we were done with  doing the balss we had  to wash our hand in cold water and done.

botanical gardens


in wensaday i went to the botanicial gardens.

and we were learning about the flowers parts and what the do and call.

it was kinda boring because we had to sit on the floor  but it was fun.

after we learnt about the flower we had to build the flowere and put the names on what parts they are and I did good.

My Motat trip

yesterday me and team tui went on a trip to Motat.

when we arrived we went in this dome that smelled like banana. we ate and then we went to the stations   i was in group two and we went  stastion 6. when we arrivede it was amazing we went on these chairs that you had to pull yourself up,blocks that you can build as and  bridge,and this running thing that makes youn look like a hamst.






yesterday me and team tui went to Motat. when we got there there was  a lady that told us the rules amnd do,not to do.

then we went in the bubble and ate our foods agter that a went on a tram.

recap lolohea and tuakana

I finished my tapa clothed yesterday and kept learning  the dance Mrs Tupou-Fonua taught us, with others we had a dance comp out of boys and girls, and had two type of desserts



earned about deserts yummy ones to i even learned about the power of the coconut. The one thing that coconut can do is be a spoon a bowl and a loly bowl.  I even learned about a new samoan dance and that is it bye bye