Tag: PE

kelly sports

On Tuesday Morning  room 11 did kelly sports. When we got on the field we learnt how to tackle what are the passes called and how to do them and we learned how to play the ball. After all of the simple things we got straight to the contact games  .   The first game  you needed a partner to do it with  and you had to go on your knees and tackle them on their back. My partner was a really small and skinny kid called lance.  The second game  was going on your knees again and kinda playing octopus  but with tackling and it was pretty hectic  because my knees were hurting and  it was hard to get to the other side since I was so slow.  The third game was standing up and tackling but the first round I got tackled and became a tagger  and when that skinny kid lance ran straight to me I made him do a flip.

Waka – Ama : TEam tui

Team tui went on a school trip to waka ama. waka ama is kayaking and we  learned how to paddle in it. when we got there we were split in to teams of 20. after setting up the teams we were taught hoe to paddle after that we pulled the kayak down and it was very hard. for the people that was no going on the boat played  invisible  touch and net ball tag.

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