Year: 2023

How to find a perimeter of a shape


Todays maths we are learning about measuring. We learnt that 10 miliermeter can make one center meter and 100 centermeter can make one meter. We used a small and bendy piece of harakeke to mesure the curves and a rule to measure the straight lines. We measured the harakeke against the ruler and added all the measurements we came up with to work out the perimeter of the shape we created. This shape by the way was called “THING”. It was good fun!


team tui assembly



This  week  for team tui assembly the boys were  drumming glendowie students dancing and team tui girls dancing to it was really intersting and exciting because the  boys that were drumming where really good because there beats were smooth and  it took them two days to practice. The glendowie and team tui girls dancing were really good cause there actions were relaxing and slow and went with the music.